Manila, Philippines — Following the announcement of Dabarkads’ transfer to TV5, Maine Mendoza shared her optimism regarding the possible involvement of Alden Richards in their new noontime variety show. Despite this, she also recognized that the decision to bring Alden into the cast ultimately lies with GMA-7. While speaking at a press conference held at the TV5 Media Center, Maine emphasized the importance of values and loyalty, which were the main reasons why she chose the trio of Tito, Vic, and Joey over their previous producer, TAPE Inc.

Her words resonated with a sense of sincerity and conviction – the kind that only comes from someone who knows what truly matters in life. In a world where money often seems to be the ultimate goal, she held steadfast in her belief that some things are simply priceless. For her, it was values like self-respect, loyalty, and gratitude that held the most significance.

As she spoke, it became clear that these were not just empty words. She had proven her loyalty time and time again, particularly during her eight-year stint with Eat Bulaga. Even when she was on leave for wedding planning, she remained committed to the Dabarkads and did not shy away from showing her support.

It was a refreshing change from the usual noise and chaos of show business, a reminder that there are still people who value things above material wealth. As she finished speaking, it was evident that she had won over many hearts with her genuine spirit and unwavering principles.

Despite having her hands full preparing for her wedding in June and July, Maine refused to abandon the Dabarkads during their time of need. She firmly stated that if they were fighting, she was going to stand with them and fight as well.

Meanwhile, the beloved trio of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon, who are popularly known as TVJ, recently announced that they will be revealing the name of their new TV5 noontime show on July 1st. However, due to an ongoing dispute with former producer TAPE Inc., they are unable to use the “Eat Bulaga” name just yet. Despite this setback, the three remain optimistic and confident that they will eventually regain the right to use the iconic name once again.

At the recent TV5 press conference, Vic Sotto proudly declared, “I embody everything that ‘Eat Bulaga’ represents.” Joey de Leon chimed in and shared that they are excited to reveal the official name of their upcoming program, as they had multiple options to choose from. Tito Sotto also revealed that they are currently working with their legal team to regain the right to use the “Eat Bulaga” name once again. He expressed confidence in their case, citing history and law as their allies in this battle against TAPE Inc.

Despite the ongoing legal dispute, TVJ remains dedicated to its mission of providing top-notch entertainment while staying true to the values embodied by “Eat Bulaga” and its loyal viewership, the Dabarkads.