Just one day after her agency’s denial, Han So Hee has confirmed that she is dating Ryu Jun Yeol.

On March 15, rumors that Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol were romantically involved began spreading online after someone spotted them vacationing together in Hawaii. That same day, Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency confirmed that the actor was in Hawaii but declined to comment on the rumors, while Han So Hee’s agency initially denied the rumors by saying that the actress was on a vacation “with close friends.”

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri—who dated Ryu Jun Yeol for seven years before—made a cryptic posted a photo of a vacation spot and wrote, “This is funny” in her Instagram story.

Han So Hee then posted a photo of a dog holding a knife and wrote, “Explain this situation… I don’t like people who have a significant other, I don’t lead them on while saying we’re just friends, I don’t take an interest in them, I don’t develop a relationship with them, and I don’t get in the way of other people’s relationships. I like the program ‘EXchange,’ but there’s nothing like that in my life.” [The literal Korean title of the dating show “EXchange” is “transfer love”—a phrase that means moving onto a new relationship before ending your last one.]

In an apparent response to Hyeri’s post, she added, “I also find this funny.”

Han So Hee also stated that she would apologize to Hyeri for her now-deleted Instagram story, explaining that she had made the post after she “temporarily lost all reason and behaved rudely.”