Photo credit: Malacañang: President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.

The recent missile launch by North Korea has drawn strong condemnation from the Philippines, aligning itself with Japan and the ASEAN community in denouncing this provocative action. President Marcos expressed deep concern over the ballistic missile launch during a gathering at the Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) leaders meeting held in Tokyo, Japan.

Speaking at the 50th Commemorative ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation Summit, President Marcos highlighted the threat posed by North Korea’s actions, emphasizing the need for a peaceful and stable Indo-Pacific Region amid discussions about economic progress in the area.

“Our commitment to economic advancement in our region goes hand in hand with our pursuit of a peaceful and stable Indo-Pacific. The dangerous actions taken by the DPRK pose a serious threat, causing destabilization not just within the region but also globally,” remarked President Marcos.

Reports indicated that North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan, with Japan’s coast guard confirming its fall into the sea west of Hokkaido. This act of aggression further heightened tensions and raised concerns about regional stability.

Photo taken from Presidential Communications Office (FB Page)

President Marcos underscored the collective voice of unity among partners in pursuing peace, reiterating the Philippines’ solidarity with allies against the imminent danger posed by such missile launches.

“The Philippines stands firm with our partners in denouncing this imminent threat. Our commitment to peace and stability remains unwavering,” affirmed President Marcos during the summit.

The ASEAN nations, in alignment with Japan, emphasized the significance of diplomatic measures and the need for North Korea to adhere to international regulations, urging the country to cease actions that pose threats to regional peace and security.

While discussions at the AZEC leaders meeting primarily focused on sustainable economic development, the missile launch underscored the crucial importance of collective efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

President Marcos reiterated the necessity for diplomatic resolutions to mitigate escalating tensions, emphasizing dialogue and adherence to international norms to address the ongoing threats posed by North Korea’s aggressive actions.

Photo taken from Presidential Communications Office (FB Page)

As the international community grapples with the aftermath of this missile launch, the Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to regional stability, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts and diplomacy in addressing such imminent threats.

The condemnation of North Korea’s missile launch by the Philippines, in collaboration with Japan and ASEAN, serves as a united front against provocative actions that jeopardize peace and stability in the region, highlighting the imperative need for diplomatic resolutions and adherence to international norms.