The new adaptation of Disney’s The Little Mermaid are prompting deep outrage and indignation among fans who are arguing that the project’s increased diversity has weakened the fans’ faithfulness to the original story.

Also, some ostensible fans are rejecting the new live-action version for swapping out the titular mermaid’s famous blue eyes and red hair for the features of Black actress Halle Bailey.

Disney being unbothered released the first trailer for The Little Mermaid, featuring Bailey singing “Part of Your World.”

Unfortunately, thousands of YouTube users brigaded, leaving more than 2 million dislikes and countless derogatory comments on the trailer, and creating memes ridiculing the film for casting Bailey and mocking all of its supporters.

“I believe racists are going to attack ANY series that they believe should have been 100% white,” Prescott wrote. “Racists are going to get mad at the next superhero or horror show that racebends a character, and they’ll be outraged over whatever the next Bridgerton is. Their goal is to stop all efforts to diversify Hollywood.”

“The goal was to find someone who was innocent and passionate and strong and vulnerable,” Producer John DeLuca quoted. “And Halle had all the qualities.”

“To the people who don’t agree with our casting, it feels so small-minded, and that’s what the film is about—to not be afraid of someone who is not like you,” said Director Rob Marshall on the arrivals carpet. “I have to say that it feels so archaic. Like, really? We are still discussing racism in this era? Being different, it’s very timely, especially when you see how divided the world has become. My hope is that this beautiful tale of a mermaid can remind us all that we are all one.”