Dara, the ex-2NE1 star, joyfully adds a new sister-in-law as her brother Thunder (33) from MBLAQ and Mimi (30) from Gugudan plan their upcoming wedding.

Sandara Park, affectionately known as Dara, the former luminous star of K-pop sensation 2NE1, has opened her heart and family to a delightful new member. Thunder, Dara’s 33-year-old brother, who once electrified the K-pop scene as part of MBLAQ, and Mimi, a 30-year-old songbird from the girl group Gugudan, have recently unfurled the banner of their romance and plans to embark on a beautiful journey together in matrimony.

In an enchanting turn of events, the world caught a glimpse of their shared love story on October 30 when Thunder and Mimi, filled with joy and anticipation, ventured into a pre-wedding photoshoot extravaganza, generously sharing the love-soaked snapshots with their eager Instagram followers. What makes this tale even more enchanting is the presence of a beaming Sandara Park, standing as a pillar of support and celebration beside her beloved sibling.

Photo taken from Dara’s Instagram Account

“We captured our hearts’ embrace through our engagement photos just yesterday. Since Thunder and I unveiled our love story to the world earlier this summer, our lives have been graced with an abundance of blessings and well-wishes. We owe this happiness to all of you,” Mimi joyfully proclaimed on her Instagram, as reported by SBS News.

With hearts filled to the brim with gratitude, Mimi extended her thanks to Dara and another cherished sister-in-law, who spared no effort to assist the lovely couple during their pre-wedding photoshoot. Her words resonated with genuine warmth and affection, as she expressed her jubilation at becoming the “maknae” of the family, the Korean term for the youngest member.

Photo taken from Dara’s Instagram Account

In response to this heartfelt message, Dara herself graced the post with her words of delight and sisterly affection. “I can’t contain my excitement at the thought of having a sister-in-law! From this moment forward, we will be more than just sisters-in-law; we’ll be genuine sisters. Welcome to the family, Mimi! May your days be filled with happiness alongside Thunder,” Dara graciously expressed.

This heartwarming tale of love and familial bonds unfolding within the dazzling world of K-pop showcases the power of love and unity among its brightest stars. Dara’s heartfelt welcome and the warm embrace of her new sister-in-law, Mimi, reveal the beauty of the bonds that transcend the spotlight and stage.

In a previous chapter of their love story, Thunder and Mimi publicly unveiled their romantic journey during an appearance on the popular Korean TV show, “Second House 2.” Since then, they have been steadily paving their path toward the culmination of their love story, which is set to culminate in the second half of 2024, according to earlier reports.

Photo taken from Dara’s Instagram Account

The question of children inevitably arose in the discussions surrounding their impending union. Thunder shared his hopes and dreams, expressing his desire for both a daughter and a son. “I wish I could have a daughter who resembles Mimi, but Mimi dreams of having a daughter who bears a striking resemblance to me… or even to my dearest sister, Dara,” he playfully confessed.

In an industry that often shines with blinding intensity, the emergence of such heartwarming stories allows fans to glimpse the genuine emotions and relationships that exist behind the glamorous façade. The love and camaraderie among K-pop’s luminaries are not only the soundtrack of our lives but the heartbeats of their own stories.

Photo taken from Dara’s Instagram Account

As Thunder and Mimi embark on this incredible journey together, the world can’t help but celebrate their love and the warm embrace of their extended K-pop family. Dara’s sweet and heartfelt welcome, coupled with the promise of a future filled with love and laughter, creates a magical harmony that resonates beyond the stage and into the hearts of fans around the world.

Photo taken from Dara’s Instagram Account

In the realm of K-pop, where music and artistry often take center stage, it is heartening to see that the bonds of love and family are equally cherished. The genuine affection and excitement with which Sandara Park welcomes her new sister-in-law, Mimi, is a testament to the strength of these familial ties, reminding us all that, beneath the dazzle of the spotlight, the stars themselves are grounded by love and connection.