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In an unexpected turn of events, actress and singer Kristel Fulgar experienced a day that would forever be etched in her memory. Despite facing a few hiccups as the emcee for Seo In Guk’s fan meeting, luck was on her side as she found herself amid an incredible experience.

Kristel Fulgar, known for her versatile talents in the entertainment industry, was given the role of emcee for Seo In Guk’s fan meeting.

Yet, fortune had other plans. As the fan meeting progressed, fate smiled upon Kristel. Amidst the challenges, she found herself not just a part of the event, but also in the company of her idol, Seo In Guk. And eventually, Kritel and SIG paths has crossed turning what could have been a potentially discouraging moment into an unforgettable encounter.

This incident serves as a reminder that sometimes, setbacks can lead to remarkable opportunities, making the journey all the more worthwhile.