MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Star Cinema shared a photo of the BTS from the movie’s first day of shooting last May 25 with a caption “Goodness starts rolling today.”

Another blockbuster movie awaits as Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon have started filming the dark comedy movie entitled A Very Good Girl.

The upcoming film was first announced last March, wherein Kathryn shared that she was honored and grateful to be working with Dolly in a genre she hadn’t tried yet.

In line with this, Dolly said she was pleased that she has a lot in common with Kathryn in terms of how they work as artists.

“We’re both Aries. We’re both quite stubborn, but we can also be flexible. We’re natural-born leaders—Aries people are like that. They are also very passionate about everything. I guess that’s why we’re both very passionate about our craft,” she mused.

A Very Good Girl is directed by Petersen Vargas, Marionne Dominique Mancol as the screenwriter, with Carmi Raymundo and Daniel Saniana are the creative manager and creative supervisor, respectively.

Watch out for “A Very Good Girl” in cinemas this 2023!