On August 3, Dispatch reported that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun are dating, sharing photos of the two stars meeting up at Jisoo’s home.

In response to the report, Jisoo’s agency YG Entertainment and Ahn Bo Hyun’s agency FN Entertainment both confirmed, “They are getting to know each other with positive feelings,” and added, “We would be thankful if you look upon them with warmth.”

Meanwhile, Snowdrop on-screen partner Jung Hae-in was asked to comment about it. At the same time, he is known to be friends with Bo Yun.

In an interview with the media at the D.P.2 premiere as reported by Naver and translated by Soompi, Hae-in said that he only found out about the two being in the dating scene through the news.

“I also saw it through the entertainment news section of a web portal before this interview. I hope the two of them will continue their healthy and beautiful relationship. I didn’t know they were dating,” he stated.

The actor added, “I’m not very interested in dating news of celebrities and such. I’m also a celebrity, but I’m not that interested in other people’s relationships.”

Dispatch first reported that Jisoo and Bo-hyun are dating after sharing photos of the couple meeting at Jisoo’s home.

Following the report, the agencies of both stars confirmed the news.

“They are currently in the phase of acquainting themselves with each other. We would appreciate it if you extend warm support and understanding,” Jisoo’s agency YG Entertainment said as reported by Yonhap.

Meanwhile, Bo-hyun’s agency FN Entertainment stated, “We would appreciate it if you could watch the couple with a warm gaze.”

Congratulations to the couple!