A photo from Andrei Trazona’s Instagram account and another from Izzy Trazona-Aragon’s Facebook page were used as sources for this content.

In a heartfelt and candid revelation, drag queen Sofia, also known as Andrei Trazona, has responded to the open letter posted by his mother, renowned Sexbomb dancer Izzy Trazona, on social media. This emotional exchange has shed light on the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals and the importance of understanding and acceptance within families.

On Facebook, Andrei courageously admitted that he had not been entirely truthful in a previous interview regarding his mother’s supposed support for his life as a drag queen. He shared, “I lied in an interview that she supports me for who I am and what I do, just to protect her from any potential backlash. But there’s no point in protecting her when the truth has come directly from her.”

In a heartfelt message, Andrei expressed his desire to live authentically, saying, “As much as I love you, you know that I don’t want to live a lie. I have been sustaining myself for years now, living honestly and responsibly. I’m tired of the ongoing debate about my sexuality and my passion for drag. I want to put an end to this argument by saying that I want to live my truth, and someday, you will be proud of the person I will become.”

Andrei concluded his message with a mix of love and sadness, stating, “I love you so much, Mom, but this situation is no longer healthy for me. I hope that someday you will understand what it’s like to be in my shoes. I miss you, but your current stance does not bring me the comfort and compassion I deserve.”

Izzy Trazona responded to her son’s revelations, acknowledging that disagreements between parents and children are a common part of life. She recognized the pain that both sides carry in their hearts, drawing from her own experiences as a daughter. She shared, “I have had my own desires and dreams, but my mom would often say ‘no.’ Naturally, I felt sadness and resentment. It was only later that I realized she was protecting me. Back then, all I saw was her anger, but now I understand it was an act of love. I thought she didn’t want me to be happy, but she was concerned about the potential consequences of my decisions.”

Izzy recalled the moment when Andrei told her, “You’ll never know how I feel because you’ve never been in my shoes.” While she agreed with his sentiment, she reminded him that the same applied to her as a parent. She added, “You have never experienced being a parent. All I want is the best for you. I hold onto the truth written in the Bible, the word of God, the One who created us.”

She continued, “I am focused on the bigger picture, the eternal perspective. If my children, all four of them, engage in activities that go against my faith in Christ, I will disagree. I direct them towards Jesus because that’s where I believe their future security lies. It’s the best I can offer them, more valuable than wealth, fame, or anything else.”

A photo of drag queen Sofia, also recognized as Andrei Trazona, can be found on their Facebook account.

Izzy shared that her hope rests in what Jesus accomplished on the cross, saving her from the consequences of her own sins. She expressed the deep love she has for her children and her unwavering commitment to their well-being.

The social media post generated a range of reactions, with some echoing Izzy’s sentiments and others expressing support for Andrei/Sofia’s authenticity.

Mela Habijan, the first-ever Miss Trans Global, joined the discussion, offering her perspective. She acknowledged meeting Andrei/Sofia and praised their sincerity. Mela emphasized the pain experienced by LGBTQIA+ individuals when their parents struggle to accept their true selves. She expressed hope that, in time, Izzy would witness her child’s greatness and take pride in their identity.

A photo of drag queen Sofia, also recognized as Andrei Trazona, can be found on their Facebook account.