In a heartfelt tribute, Beverly Vergel, an accomplished actress-turned-director, reflected on her fond memories with the late Patrick Guzman. The talented actor’s untimely passing in Canada has left many heartbroken, with very little information available about the cause of death as of June 18.

As the daughter of legendary actors Alicia Vergel and Cesar Ramirez, and the younger sister of the late Ace Vergel, Beverly turned to social media to offer her condolences and share cherished moments with her followers. Her post was a touching reminder of the impact that Guzman had on the lives of those who knew him.

In her poignant post, Vergel fondly recounted the moment she offered Guzman the lead role in her 2019 movie, “BROmance: The Movie,” even though he had not seen the script. Guzman, who had been away from acting for an extended period, agreed to take on the role despite his reservations. Vergel expressed her gratitude to him for trusting her and coming on board.

Despite apprehensions, Guzman put his faith in Vergel and agreed to participate in the film. To ensure that everyone was well-prepared, Vergel offered to run a workshop, which Guzman agreed to attend. She reminisced about how they enjoyed the workshop, which included funny and goofy exercises, describing it as a day filled with laughter. These moments shared between them will always remain dear to her heart.

In her latest social media post, Vergel delighted fans by sharing a snapshot of the star-studded cast of “BROmance: The Movie,” including Guzman, his wife Liezle, and the legendary Sharon Cuneta. The photo showcased the camaraderie and bond shared by the cast and crew of the film.

As a tribute to her late brother Ace Vergel, Vergel wrote and directed “BROmance: The Movie” under the MCBN production house. The film marked Guzman’s final appearance on the big screen, making it a memorable one for all involved. Inspired by a close friend who treated her like family, the movie tells a heartfelt story that resonated with audiences. Vergel poured her heart and soul into the project, and its success since its release in 2019 is a testament to her talent and dedication.

The entertainment industry was left in shock by the sudden passing of Patrick Guzman. Beverly Vergel, a close friend and colleague of the actor, took to social media to express her grief and shared heartwarming memories of their time.

In her tribute post, Vergel also acknowledged the special place Guzman held in the hearts of many, offering her deepest sympathies to his loved ones. Her message serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the happy moments we share with those we hold dear, even in the face of loss.