New York City/ California — The lifeless body of Karl Clemente, a 27-year-old Filipino-American psychologist, was tragically discovered floating in a creek in Brooklyn, New York City. This discovery came after Karl was reported missing on June 11. According to Alex Clemente, Karl’s father, his son was supposed to attend a concert at the Brooklyn Mirage Arena. However, security personnel refused to let him in after they suspected he had consumed alcohol. Karl’s friends, who had already entered the concert, allegedly left him outside.

On the last day Karl was seen alive, he sent a message to one of his pals at 9:53 pm. Later, security footage obtained by the New York Police Department showed Karl rushing into a lumber warehouse not far from the Brooklyn Mirage Arena. The investigation into Karl’s death is ongoing, and his loved ones are devastated by their loss.

On June 18, Karl’s body was discovered floating in a creek behind the lumber warehouse where his wallet was found. The discovery was made after a citizen sent Karl’s wallet to his parents in upstate New York. Alex Clemente, Karl’s father, mentioned that his son’s cell phone and backpack are still missing.

The investigation into Karl’s death is still ongoing and the NYPD has not yet released any information regarding the case. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. The Philippine Consulate General in New York has expressed their condolences to the Clemente family and has promised to closely monitor the investigation to ensure that any possible foul play is identified.

Consul General Senen Mangalile stated that the Consulate is committed to finding out what caused the death of their fellow Filipino and will continue to follow up on the case. Additionally, they have reached out to the Clemente family to offer any necessary assistance during this difficult time.

On the other side of the story, in a tragic incident that occurred in San Lorenzo, California on September 18, 2022, a Filipino factory worker named Rienheart Asuncion lost his life in a road rage confrontation. While on a video call with his wife in the Philippines, Asuncion was shot by an 18-year-old suspect identified as Sergio Morales-Jacquez. The young man was driving a stolen vehicle and had fired a shot at Asuncion before fleeing the scene.

Recently, the suspect was sentenced to seven years in jail after being found guilty of homicide charges. According to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Morales-Jacquez was also a person of interest in two other homicide incidents. It was revealed that he was already in custody at the Juvenile Justice Center for unrelated gun charges when he was identified as the suspect in Asuncion’s murder.

The incident has left the community in shock and mourning while highlighting the need for stricter regulations around gun control laws. The loss of a hard-working individual such as Asuncion has been felt deeply by his loved ones, and justice being served to the perpetrator is hopefully a small comfort to them during this difficult time.

Asuncion’s sudden death has left his family devastated, and the community is rallying to support them in any way possible. A Go Fund Me page was set up by one of his friends to help cover funeral expenses and provide financial support to his family in this difficult time.

The perpetrator, Morales-Jacquez, will remain in custody until he turns 25 years old under California law. He was charged with Asuncion’s death after turning 18, highlighting the serious consequences of road rage and the need for drivers to remain calm while behind the wheel.

This heartbreaking incident also sheds light on the urgent need for stricter gun control laws to prevent senseless acts of violence. Asuncion’s death has touched many within the Filipino community in California, and they are calling for justice to be served.

As we mourn the loss of a young life taken too soon, let us also remember to prioritize safety and peace on our roads. Let us work together towards a world where tragic incidents like this become a thing of the past.