Snapshots from TAPE’s Facebook page unveil the fresh faces gracing “Eat Bulaga.”

In response to recent speculation surrounding the potential transfer of the iconic television show “Eat Bulaga” to another network, the legal representative of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) has vehemently denied the claims. This assertion comes following a social media post featuring Seth “Bullet” Jalosjos, TAPE’s financial officer, extending birthday greetings to Senator Mark Villar, a prominent figure associated with the All TV network.

Maggie Abraham-Garduque, the lawyer representing TAPE, categorically dismissed the circulating news report as baseless. She clarified that the photograph in question captured a simple birthday greeting exchanged between Jalosjos and Senator Villar, and underscored the fact that the Villar family’s enterprise, Camella, serves as a significant sponsor for a specific segment of “Eat Bulaga.” This segment, aptly titled “May Pa-Key Kami Sayo,” offers participants the opportunity to win a coveted house and lot prize.

Senator Mark Villar (Instagram) captured alongside TAPE Inc. CFO Seth “Bullet” Jalosjos (right).

Addressing the matter, Abraham-Garduque stated, “This is an unequivocally false narrative. Camella, affiliated with the Villar family, plays a substantial role as a sponsor in ‘Eat Bulaga’s’ ‘May Pa-Key Kami Sayo’ segment, where fortunate winners secure a house and lot.” She further emphasized, “Observing the original post, Bullet’s well-wishing gesture toward Mark Villar on his birthday holds no bearing on any supposed intention to shift to All TV.”

Image source: TAPE INC. (Official FB Page)

The legal representative pointedly highlighted that the original article itself acknowledges the existing bloc time agreement between “Eat Bulaga” and the GMA Network, the show’s current broadcasting platform. Consequently, there emerges no exigent circumstance or rationale prompting any contemplation of a network transition.

Eat Bulaga,” a beloved and enduring television program, continues to be broadcast on the GMA Network, affirming its steadfast commitment to its current viewership and network partnership.