Manila, Philippines — As the Philippines celebrates its 125th Independence Day, SM Supermalls is set to honor every Super Pinoy who fought for the country’s independence. The celebration aims to keep the spirit of the Super Pinoy alive and burning, reminding Filipinos of the sacrifices of our forefathers and encouraging them to contribute to the nation’s progress and prosperity.

Simultaneous Flag-Raising Ceremonies

One of the highlights of this year’s Independence Day celebration is the simultaneous flag-raising ceremonies that will take place in SM malls across the country on May 28 for National Flag Day and on June 12 for Independence Day. Participants are encouraged to wear the colors of the Philippine flag, which symbolize truth, patriotism, and valor.

After the ceremony, a short program featuring Filipino modern pop music will follow, adding to the festive vibe. Check your favorite mall’s Facebook page for the schedules and venues.

Food Trip and Super Pinoy Deals

Aside from the flag-raising ceremonies, shoppers can also enjoy a sumptuous Pinoy food trip in SM malls from June 1 to 12. Many indoor and al fresco dining spots will offer numerous food promos and dining deals decked in Filipiniana to celebrate the country’s Independence Day.

After enjoying a hearty meal, shoppers can take advantage of the Super Pinoy Deals and score amazing promos on the latest tech, gadgets, and fashion items. Whether you shop in-mall or online via the SM Malls Online and SM Deals apps, you can get the best offerings at SM.

Moreover, from June 9 to 12, SM unleashes the best deals for all Super Pinoys, with the Super Pinoy Independence weekend sale! So, don’t miss out on these exciting deals and discounts.

Celebrate Pinoy Pride on Instagram

As the Independence Day festivities come to an end, make sure to visit the Super Pinoy Photo Spots and celebrate Pinoy pride. These creative and fun photo spots showcase various Philippine landmarks, symbols, and cultural icons.

Plus, Philippine Pop (P-Pop) music will be blasted through the mall speakers to add an exciting vibe to the celebration. Take photos, snap reels, and capture other creative content in these spots, and tag @SMSupermalls on Instagram so you can be featured on social media.

Keeping Freedom, Future, and History Alive

SM Supermalls is keeping the spirit of freedom, the promise of the future, and the significance of history alive through various Independence Day activities this June. As a proud Pinoy, don’t miss the chance to celebrate in all ways possible by visiting an SM mall near you. Join in the festivities and honor the nation’s heroes who fought for independence.

Filipinos all over the country should take pride in their heritage and the heroes who fought for their freedom. As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, let us not forget the sacrifices of our forefathers, the struggles they endured, and the victories they achieved. These events and activities by SM Supermalls serve as a reminder of our past and a call to action for every Filipino to contribute to the nation’s progress and prosperity.

This event is an important milestone for Filipinos. It is a day to remember the heroes who fought for the country’s independence from foreign colonizers. SM Supermalls recognizes the significance of this event in Philippine history and has prepared various activities and events to honor every Super Pinoy who fought for the country’s independence.