I’m a mother of two and it’s very frustrating knowing that sometimes you need to have an extra income in order to buy your wants for yourself and your kids. I know that there are mothers like me out there who wanted to know how to have an extra income without leaving your obligations at home. I’ll be sharing to you some of my hobbies that brought money inside my wallet.


Samples of my dresses being sold for 200php each. 🥰

It is one of my favorite hobbies in fact. Using my portable sewing machine, I already earn money which helps me in paying some of my bills. I accept clothes repairs, job orders and I also sew dresses that I sell via FB. Though the services I can offer with my sewing machine is very limited, still it helps me earn money even if I’m only staying at home.


Just a sample of my lettering. 😁

Aside from sewing, I also love crafting. One of my classmates before asked me to do a lettering for her cousin’s wedding. During my sons’ birthday and baptism, I will no longer look for crafters to make souvenirs for me, I did it myself. In fact I already earn money from it by presenting to create invitation cards, giveaways, and cutting letters for y neighbors’ special occasions.


A screenshot of my client’s payment for her brother’s essay. 😉

I’m into writing also so I look for a way to earn money from it. We cannot deny that there are students who are very lazy in creating their projects. I offer assistance to students in creating their essays, research, and other school works related to writing. The harder the project, the bigger the pay. In addition, I also applied as a contributor writer in a website. With just one article per day, it’s really a great help for me.

Sari-sari Store

Me and my husband at our small sari-sari store. 😘

Since I’m home all day long, I also sell some of daily necessities like canned goods, noodles, salt, laundry soaps and others. In fact, I borrowed the money from my husband’s Christmas bonus two years ago in order to put up this small business. I never look for an income at first, I just invested the money to complete all the items for the sari-sari store.


I resell these biko and mango grahams from my husband’s friend. 😋

One of my husband’s friends used to sell “kakanins”. I asked him if I can resell his products to my customers. Fortunately, he agreed and gave me 10% discount in my every purchase. Sometimes, I post the items to my FB but usually, I sell it to my neighbors.

We full time moms and wives must be wise in using our time. We are no longer in an era where we wives can depend to our husbands 100% of our lives. Life is getting harder now, specially with the inflation getting higher and higher. As mothers, we can have extra income even if we’re just staying at home. With just the power of multi-tasking and time management, we can achieve something fulfilling too.