In a delightful twist of events, the romance between basketball star Ricci Rivero and beauty queen Leren Bautista has gone public. The couple, who had previously kept their relationship under wraps, recently shared their love with the world.

Their decision to make their love story known has been met with enthusiasm from fans and followers. The pair, known for their respective achievements, seem to be basking in the happiness of this new chapter in their lives.

As their relationship takes center stage, we can only wish Ricci and Leren continued joy and success in both their personal and professional journeys.

We all know that he was in a past relationship with “Andrea Brillantes” but that doesn’t mean that Ricci is not applicable to be in a relationship with anyone now. What happened to them before was their own problem, wag na tayong makisawsaw. Ang atin lang, sumuporta at maging masaya sa kanila dahil wala naman tayo sa sitwasyon ng dalawa.

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