Did Doo-na & Won-jun stay together?

Doona! focused on Doo-na as she up and quits her career as the lead of the popular K-pop girl group Dream Sweet. She finds herself living in a shared house near a university and soon meets a normal student named Won-jun.

The Korean drama starring Suzy was only nine episodes and dived into Doo-na’s loneliness and the reality behind her stardom and career.

Meanwhile, Won-jun is a normal man trying to study hard and get through college so he can support himself and his family.

The two become each other’s saving grace, with Doo-na leaning on him to finally have a place to call home and feel loved for who she is.

The Netflix K-drama is a rollercoaster of emotions, tears, reality, and even heartbreak.

As the characters fall in love in Doo-na, their different lives begin to pose a problem and the ending leaves a question mark about their relationship.

Is Doona really a walking red flag?

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