Photo taken from RP – Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (Facebook)

In a momentous event, the RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD) has just divulged the outcomes of its groundbreaking “Boses ng Bayan” poll, an extraordinary endeavor that spotlights the outstanding achievements of Metro Manila’s mayors and legislators during their first year in office. Carried out with a profound commitment to fostering accountability, transparency, and adept governance, this survey entailed face-to-face interviews with a diverse group of 10,000 randomly chosen registered voters, representing all corners of Metro Manila. The survey was diligently conducted over an extensive period, spanning from June 28 to July 8, 2023.

Quezon City’s esteemed leader, Ma. Josefina “Joy” Belmonte, has emerged as the undisputed front-runner among all mayors in the bustling National Capital Region (NCR). An awe-inspiring job approval rating of 95.7 percent and an outstanding trust rating of 97.2 percent have solidified her position as the most exceptional mayor in the region.

Right on Mayor Belmonte’s heels and tied for a remarkable second place are two remarkable figures: Mayor Jeannie Sandoval of Malabon City, boasting impressive approval and trust ratings of 92.5 percent and 94.6 percent, respectively; and Mayor Dale “Along” Malapitan of Caloocan City, garnering an impressive 92.3 percent approval and an unwavering trust of 93.7 percent from the city’s residents.

In a tight race for the top positions, Mayor John Rey Tiangco of Navotas City has also demonstrated exceptional performance, securing a noteworthy 92.1 percent approval rating along with an enviable trust rating of 93.5 percent. Joining the league of outstanding mayors, Mayor Emi Calixto of Pasay City has earned the admiration of her constituents, achieving a remarkable approval rating of 91.8 percent and a commendable trust rating of 92.7 percent.

In a remarkable display of public support, various city leaders from the Greater Manila area have received overwhelmingly positive ratings. Leading the pack, Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna has garnered an impressive 83.6 percent approval rating, accompanied by an equally commendable 85.4 percent trust rating. Mayor Ruffy Biazon of Muntinlupa closely follows with an approval rating of 83.4 percent, earning an outstanding 86.2 percent trust from his constituents.

Not to be outdone, Mayor Wes Gatchalian of Valenzuela enjoys a solid approval rating of 80.5 percent, which is paired with a respectable trust rating of 84.8 percent. Meanwhile, Mayor Marcy Teodoro of Marikina remains hot on his heels with an 80.2 percent approval and an 85.1 percent trust rating.

Taking on the challenges of leadership with determination, Mayor Lani Mercado of Taguig proudly received a commendable 79.5 percent approval rating, along with a trust rating of 81.7 percent, reflecting the confidence of her city’s residents.

Mayor Francis Zamora of San Juan and Mayor Ike Ponce III of Pateros both have reasons to celebrate, as they secured respectable ratings from their respective constituencies. Zamora achieved a solid 77.3 percent approval rating and earned a trust rating of 78.6 percent. Ponce, on the other hand, received a 74.4 percent approval rating and a noteworthy trust rating of 75.9 percent.

Lastly, Mayor Imelda Aguilar of Las Piñas garnered a 72.8 percent approval rating, complemented by a strong 74.2 percent trust rating, showcasing the faith placed in her leadership.

The survey results brought to light the exceptional performances of NCR legislators, showcasing their dedication and commitment to their constituents. Among them, Toby Tiangco of Navotas stood out, boasting an impressive 93.8 percent approval rating and a commendable 95.1 percent trust rating, earning the trust and confidence of the people.

Closely following Tiangco’s lead was Camille Villar of Las Piñas, garnering a remarkable 93.6 percent approval and an impressive 94.6 percent trust. Stella Quimbo of Marikina was also recognized for her outstanding 93.5 percent approval and an exceptional 95.8 percent trust rating, further solidifying the people’s faith in her abilities.

Several other notable legislators also earned high praise from their constituents. Marivic Co-Pilar of Quezon City secured an approval rating of 93.2 percent and an admirable trust rating of 94.7 percent. Oca Malapitan of Caloocan also gained significant support with an approval rating of 93.1 percent and a trust rating of 95.2 percent. Marvin Rillo of Quezon City, though slightly lower in approval at 89.9 percent, still earned a commendable 90.5 percent trust.

Benny Abante of Manila proved his dedication with an 89.65 percent approval and an impressive 91.88 percent trust rating. Ralph Tulfo of Quezon City also demonstrated his commitment with an 89.3 percent approval and a commendable 90.2 percent trust. Meanwhile, Roman Romulo of Pasig City garnered significant recognition with an 88.9 percent approval and an exceptional 90.75 percent trust rating. Antonio Calixto of Pasay earned the approval and trust of his constituents with ratings of 88.7 percent and 89.4 percent, respectively.

Additionally, noteworthy mentions were made for Neptali “Boyet” Gonzales II of Mandaluyong, who received an 87.5 percent approval and an 89.9 percent trust. Patrick Michael “PM” Vargas of Quezon City earned an 87.3 percent approval and an 88.5 percent trust, while Franz Pumaren of Quezon City obtained an 87.2 percent approval and an 88.3 percent trust, showing their efforts were not overlooked by their constituents.

Overall, the survey highlighted the exceptional performances of these NCR legislators, each leaving a unique and positive impact on their respective communities.

The findings of the survey underscore the crucial role that performance assessments play in bolstering good governance and instilling a strong sense of accountability among public officials. Amidst the intricate obstacles faced by Metro Manila, these outstanding mayors and legislators have established a hopeful blueprint for proficient and open leadership in the area. Conducted by RPMD, the “Boses ng Bayan” poll stands as a powerful testament to the influence of public opinion in shaping the trajectory of the nation’s capital.