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In a proactive endeavor to address the educational setbacks intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Education (DepEd) is set to embark on an unprecedented educational venture called the National Learning Camp (NLC), scheduled to kick off on July 24 and extend until August 25, 2023.

The NLC represents a unique and voluntary learning intervention spanning three to five weeks, specially crafted to benefit K to 12 students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools nationwide. This innovative program centers on augmenting learning outcomes and empowering educators with improved teaching methodologies, making it an indispensable component of DepEd’s unwavering dedication to the National Learning Recovery Program (NLRP). The overarching goal of this initiative is to restore academic standards and tackle the learning deficiencies experienced during the pandemic and other adversities.

Understanding the NLC’s Purpose

Introducing the NLC, a groundbreaking educational initiative aptly aligned with the visionary “MATATAG: Bansang Makabata, Batang Makabansa” program. Spearheading DepEd’s bold new direction to conquer prevailing challenges in basic education effectively, the NLC stands as a beacon of hope for learning recovery. DepEd’s resolute commitment to this cause materialized with the momentous signing of DepEd Order No. 14 series of 2023 by none other than Vice President and Education Secretary, Sara Duterte.

At its core, the NLC was born out of the pressing necessity to combat the adverse impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and various other factors on students’ learning journey. Meticulously crafted through insights gleaned from National Achievement Tests (NATs) and international large-scale assessments (ILSAs), the NLC highlights the indispensable requirement for bolstering teaching support to elevate learners’ academic prowess to new heights.

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How the NLC Will Be Implemented

At the heart of the NLC lies a profound commitment to nurturing learner well-being, fostering an all-embracing education, and cultivating an uplifting learning atmosphere that caters to the excellence of teachers and the growth of students alike. In pursuit of these aspirations, DepEd will harness the power of learning action cells (LACs) and job-embedded learning, equipping educators with effective teaching strategies to meet the diverse needs of learners.

Under the NLC’s umbrella, three distinct camps will unfold: the Enhancement Camp, the Consolidation Camp, and the Intervention Camp. The allocation of learners to these camps will depend on their performance in the pre-assessment or their academic achievements in the preceding school year. The Consolidation Camp will offer a platform for further practice and application of previously acquired competencies. Meanwhile, the Enhancement Camp will go above and beyond to enrich the learning experience for advanced learners, providing them with greater depth and complexity across various subject areas. Simultaneously, the Intervention Camp will extend crucial support to high-need learners who may be grappling with Foundational Mathematics and/or Foundational English skills.

Throughout the entire duration of the NLC, learners will find themselves placed in classes that consist of no more than 35 students, ensuring that each individual receives personalized attention and ample support. Moreover, schools will retain the flexibility to design their class programs while making sure that the teaching-learning materials comprehensively cover the targeted learning competencies, thus fostering a truly unique and effective learning environment.

Photo credit to DepEd’s official Website

Promoting Teacher Excellence

Amidst its profound dedication to education, DepEd wholeheartedly acknowledges the indispensable role teachers play in enhancing learning outcomes. To fortify this commitment, the National Learning Consortium (NLC) has been instituted to provide teachers with unparalleled support and boundless opportunities for professional growth.

A paramount aspect of the NLC entails fostering stronger connections between educators, parents, and legal guardians. Encouraging regular updates on learners’ progress aims to foster transparency and active parental involvement in the learning process.

Moreover, the NLC goes beyond conventional professional development by introducing job-embedded learning opportunities for teachers. This novel approach empowers them to apply freshly acquired knowledge and skills directly to their teaching practice, encouraging reflective teaching methods and collaborative efforts among colleagues. By delving into innovative teaching approaches, educators can effectively cater to the diverse needs of their students, elevating their overall efficacy in the classroom. Through this dynamic support system, the NLC strives to create a truly enriched learning environment where every teacher can thrive and every student can flourish.

Continuing Success: The Future of NLC

Beyond its initial pilot year, the National Learning Camp (NLC) will undoubtedly remain a crucial cornerstone of DepEd’s educational endeavors. Commencing from the academic year 2022-2023 EOSY break, the NLC’s influence will expand to encompass Grades 9 and 10, encompassing English, Science, and Mathematics (ESM), as well as Grades 1 and 3, focusing on Reading and Mathematics. This expansion is further reinforced by the persistent implementation of the Remediation Camp across all grade levels.

As we fast forward to the academic year 2024-2025 EOSY break, the NLC’s reach will extend comprehensively to cover all grade levels for Reading and Mathematics (Grades 1 to 6) and ESM (Grades 1 to 12). DepEd envisions the seamless integration of the NLC into all grade levels and learning domains in the forthcoming school years.

The overarching goal of the National Learning Camp is to empower education and enhance student achievements, paving the way for a brighter future for both learners and educators. By nurturing an inclusive and vibrant learning environment, the NLC pledges to lay a robust foundation for a more resilient and advanced education system in the Philippines. Embracing this initiative, DepEd sets its sights on fostering a generation of well-equipped and thriving learners, ensuring a progressive and prosperous tomorrow for the nation.