NMIXX’s comeback is inspired from William Shakespeare’s novel ‘A MidSummer Night’s Dream’. It will have athens, forest and fairies/butterfly elements.

According to sources, NMIXX’s comeback will be a MIXXPOP genre with a refreshing summer and fantasy concept. It will continue the story of their worldview, MIXXTOPIA.

With their recent comeback that strongly espouses embracing the foolish optimism of youth as a stepping stone towards achieving greatness. NMIXX’s ‘YDS’ that trends not just because of their cute and powerful comeback. It is a sample of Traditional Folk’s ‘Frère Jacques’

Fans can’t wait for their comeback as they embrace a new concept and can show off their talents in vocal and dancing.

Mark your calendars as they’re coming back to stage this July 11th! NMIXX will again catch your heart with their new comeback.