In a monumental legal victory, LOONA has emerged triumphant in their lawsuit against their former agency, Blockberry Creative. The highly anticipated court battle concluded with a resounding success for the talented girl group.

The dispute between LOONA and Blockberry Creative stemmed from alleged unfair treatment and contractual discrepancies. The group’s relentless pursuit of justice has finally paid off, as the court ruled in their favor, vindicating their claims.

This landmark victory marks a significant turning point in the K-pop industry, highlighting the growing power and influence of artists who demand transparency and fair treatment. LOONA’s unwavering determination and the support of their loyal fanbase undoubtedly played a crucial role in this outcome.

With the legal battle behind them, LOONA can now focus on their flourishing careers, unburdened by the constraints of their previous agency. Fans can eagerly anticipate new music, captivating performances, and a bright future for these talented artists.