The Denver Nuggets’ star, Nikola Jokić, made NBA Finals history in their Game 3 against the Miami Heat. With a record-breaking 30-20-10 stat line, Jokić became the first player to ever achieve this feat in the NBA Finals. However, for the Serbian center, this was just another day at the office. He claimed that he did not care about his accomplishment, stating that it was just a stat. Despite Jokić’s nonchalance, his performance was nothing short of extraordinary, with an outstanding 32 points, 21 big rebounds, and 10 remarkable assists, leading his team to a 109-94 victory over the Heat.

Jokić’s teammate, Jamal Murray, also made history, recording 34 astonishing points, 10 unthinkable rebounds, and 10 assists, along with Jokić. This makes the duo the first teammates to both drop triple-doubles in an NBA Finals game. Nuggets head coach Michael Malone was ecstatic about his team’s performance. He expressed his pride in the duo, saying that they had some pretty good moments before, but never in the NBA Finals. The achievement was unique, and it was a testament to the caliber of players that both Jokić and Murray are.

Miami Heat’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra, was also generous in his praise for the Nuggets’ dynamic duo. He mentioned that Jokić was a player who could score in a lot of different ways and that Murray was excellent at setting up plays. The guard’s ability to get others involved was remarkable, and he created numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

The game got off to an even start, with both teams trading buckets throughout the opening quarter. The Nuggets took a five-point lead into halftime and never looked back after taking control of the game. The team outscored the Heat 29-20 in the third quarter, which proved to be the decisive factor. Miami failed to get back into the game despite their efforts.

The Heat’s Jimmy Butler was instrumental throughout the playoffs and was a standout player for his team. He was again crucial in Game 3, scoring 28 points. Though the Heat lost, the Miami fans were happy to see Butler back on the scoreboard and hoped that he would continue with his excellent form in the next game.

Christian Braun, the Nuggets’ rookie, also had a big night to remember. With 15 points on 7-8 shooting, the 22-year-old put on an impressive show. Malone expressed his satisfaction with the young player, saying that he stayed ready mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout the year.

Game 4 takes place in Miami, and the Heat will be determined to level the series. They will look to their star player, Jimmy Butler, to lead the charge and get Miami back on track. With the series poised delicately, the next game promises to be an exciting affair.