In an effort to provide clean drinking water to all, Maynilad Water Services Inc. has announced the opening of its modular treatment plant (ModTP) in Imus, Cavite. This plant is capable of producing 5.5 million liters per day (MLD) of potable water and cost P2.12 billion to construct. The ModTP will utilize the Anabu River’s raw water supply to exclusively serve the people of Imus, an area that previously lacked a 24-hour water supply due to its distance from Maynilad’s main source, the Angat Dam in Bulacan. The new plant will effectively meet the water demands of over 13,000 customers in the region.

Upon its completion later this year, the Anabu ModTP is expected to be able to generate up to 16 MLD of water, which is enough to provide service to approximately 114,000 residents in the area. This latest addition to Maynilad’s treatment facilities is designed to bolster the reliability of water supply in the West concession where consistent water service has yet to be established. By constructing additional water treatment plants that utilize different sources of raw water, the company aims to enhance the dependability of its service.

According to Randolph Estrellado, the Chief Operating Officer of Maynilad, the introduction of this modern facility can help prolong the availability of water supply in the West concession and counter the potential impacts of El Niño on water supply accessibility. This development exemplifies Maynilad’s commitment to providing safe, convenient, and dependable drinking water to communities in the West Zone.

As the largest private water concessionaire in the Philippines, Maynilad takes pride in serving Metro Manila’s West Zone. The company has a vast customer base that includes Caloocan, Pasay, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Valenzuela, Navotas, Malabon, Muntinlupa, and certain parts of Manila, Quezon City, Makati, and Cavite.

In line with its commitment to improving water distribution services, Maynilad has recently undertaken a new development initiative. The company is dedicated to upgrading and expanding its water infrastructure, ensuring better access to clean water for city residents. To support this mission, Maynilad allocated a budget of P18.4 billion in 2020 for capital expenditure programs aimed at enhancing water service coverage, pressure, and quality. These initiatives include constructing new treatment facilities, replacing pipes, and upgrading networks. By taking these steps, Maynilad aims to provide quality water service that meets the needs of its customers throughout the region.

Wrapped Up

Maynilad’s Anabu ModTP is a significant development that promises to improve water supply availability and reliability in the West concession. The company’s latest initiative is particularly beneficial for those who don’t have 24-hour water access, ensuring they can enjoy a continuous supply of clean water.

Maynilad’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure is commendable, as it ensures that customers throughout Metro Manila will continue to receive safe drinking water. With this latest development, Maynilad continues to play a critical role in addressing the challenges of water supply in the region. As such, residents in the West concession can look forward to improved access to water and better service quality.