The Devil Judge (악마판사)

Genre: Mystery , Legal drama

Episodes: 16

Country: South Korea

Director: Choi Jung-Kyu


  • Ji Sung as Kang Yo-Han
  • GOT 7 Jin Young as Kim Ga-On
  • Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun-A
  • Park Gyu-Young as Yoon Soo-Hyun


In a dystopian version of South Korea, the government plans out a trial judge live show where all citizens are eligible to participate and judge. A heartless head trial judge, Kang Yo-han, is appointed to a chief judge.


“Ji Sung, the best actor! I almost see all his drama. Nice smile and intelligent.” – Fay

“Why this drama is very cruel?” – Shin Seo Rin

“Episode 4 literally made me gasped for air.” – M