Lawless Lawyer (무법 변호사)

Genre: Thriller , Legal drama

Episodes: 16

Country: South Korea

Director: Kim Jin-Min


  • Lee Joon-Gi as Bong Sang-Pil
  • Seo Yea-Ji as Ha Jae-Yi
  • Lee Hye-Young as Cha Moon-Sook


Sangpil had witnessed the death of his mother, a former human rights lawyer. Brought up by his gangster uncle, he became an unprecedented gangster lawyer to avenge his mother’s death.


“I gotta say, Lee Joon-Gi makes all the crime dramas super good! I’ve watched a lot of his work and he’s definitely now my favorite actor. I love that it’s straightforward and not too dragged out at all.” – Tyff

“One of the best kdramas out there!” – Allocory

“Lawless Lawyer Season 2 needs to be continued.” – Wishan