In a dramatic turn of events that symbolized the resilience and determination of Gilas Pilipinas, a triumphant victory unfolded at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Saturday, September 2nd. The team, led by the indomitable Jordan Clarkson, erupted in a spectacular display of skill and heart, ending a four-game losing streak in the 2023 FIBA World Cup. This monumental win not only put the team back on the path to glory but also exacted a measure of revenge against rival China. With an electrifying performance and a collective effort from the entire squad, Gilas Pilipinas secured a 96-75 victory that will be etched in the annals of Philippine basketball history.

Head coach Chot Reyes could not contain his joy as he raised his fist in celebration, finally releasing the pent-up frustration that had haunted the team over the past four losses. Gilas had endured days of ridicule, but now, they stood tall with their heads held high. It was a momentous occasion, not just for the team but for the entire nation.

Jordan Clarkson, the driving force behind this historic win, took center stage with a mesmerizing display of basketball prowess. He exploded for an astonishing 34 points, delivering a masterclass in scoring and leadership. However, it was his performance in the third quarter that will be etched in the memories of fans forever. In a dazzling stretch, Clarkson scored 24 of his total points, including four consecutive three-pointers. It was a display of sheer dominance that left the opposition reeling.

Gilas Pilipinas orchestrated a breathtaking 27-2 rally, turning a 46-48 deficit into a commanding 73-50 lead. The 11,080 passionate fans, who had braved heavy rain to support their team, erupted in an uncontainable frenzy. It was a sight to behold, as the collective effort of the team came to the fore, a stark departure from the disappointments of previous games.

The local talents also rose to the occasion, contributing significantly to the victory. Rhenz Abando, a crowd favorite, scored 14 crucial points, while Kai Sotto added 12 points to the scoreboard. The birthday boy, Dwight Ramos, chipped in with 11 points, including the last two points of Gilas in this World Cup, adding a touch of poetic justice to the win. June Mar Fajardo contributed nine points, and AJ Edu, although scoring only five points, made up for it with an impressive 10 rebounds.

This victory had a sense of déjà vu, reminiscent of the 2014 World Cup run where Gilas had also faced heartbreaks. However, this time, they found the strength to conclude the tournament on a triumphant note, finishing with a 1-4 record and avoiding the ignominy of going winless, as they had in 2019.

Jordan Clarkson (FB Page)

For Gilas Pilipinas, this win also carried a special significance as it served as a form of payback against China. Sasha Djordjevic, the head coach of Team China, had criticized Gilas for lacking quality in the previous World Cup. This victory was a statement, a testament to the team’s growth and determination.

On the other side of the court, Kyle Anderson (Li Kaier) led Team China with 17 points, nine rebounds, and five assists. Zhang Zhenlin added 13 points, but the absence of their towering 7-foot-1 center, Zhou Qi, in the second quarter left a gaping hole in their defense.

Jordan Clarkson (FB Page)

In the end, it was a night of celebration, redemption, and pride for Gilas Pilipinas. The journey had been arduous, marked by defeats and struggles, but it culminated in a sweet victory that will be remembered for generations. Jordan Clarkson’s heroics and the team’s unwavering spirit had brought the nation together in joyous unity, proving that in the world of basketball, anything is possible when you have the heart to fight for it.