“I miss your tan skin, your sweet smile… So good to me, so right… And how you held me in your arms that September night.” — Taylor Swift, Back to December (Speak Now)

It’s time to wake up, fella! Even though it’s the start of the month, you have a lot of things to do.

But first, let us know why it calls ‘September’ the ninth month of the year.

The name “September” is derived from the Latin word “septem,” which means “seven.” It was originally the seventh month in the Roman calendar. To understand why it’s called September, we need to delve into the history of the Roman calendar and the changes it underwent over time.

Roman Calendar Origins. The Roman calendar is believed to have been based on the lunar calendar used by the ancient Romans. In this calendar, the year began in March (Martius), which made September the seventh month.

January and February Added. The Roman calendar originally consisted of only ten months, starting with March and ending with December. However, this calendar was not perfectly synchronized with the solar year, causing seasonal misalignments. To address this issue, the early Romans added two months, January (named after Janus, the god of doorways and beginnings) and February (possibly named after “februa,” which were purification rituals). This shifted the start of the year to January.

Renaming and Repositioning. When January and February were added, September became the ninth month rather than the seventh. Despite this change in position, the name “September” remained unchanged.

Legacy of Names. Even though the calendar underwent significant reforms, the names of the months, including September, October (originally the eighth month), November (originally the ninth month), and December (originally the tenth month), were retained.

Cultural and Linguistic Evolution. Over time, as Latin evolved into the Romance languages and the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian calendar, the names of the months remained largely intact. This is why we still have “September” in English today.

May you and your family have a blast this month!