Alice Eduardo is a Filipino businesswoman, socialite, and tycoon. She is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation.

The construction industry is male-dominated, but here she is. Building careers for other women and breaking the stigma of gender inequality.

Alice Eduardo founded her construction firm in 1995. Now, Sta. Elena is an AAA and Large B categorized company. It means the firm has a Php300 million capitalization, entitling it to bid for multi-billion-peso projects.

Before she became what she and her company are today, just like any other successful entrepreneurs, Alice Eduardo experienced several challenges along the way.

Growing up in a business-exposed environment, the woman of steel is once dreamt to become an engineer. She always loved to know how the construction people can build such strong foundations like in railroads, bridges, and such. These man-made structures have dramatically helped the people, and Alice Eduardo wanted to be one of those people behind those physical developments.

“If I can save a soul and make people happy, I feel super happy,” Eduardo said. “Every day, I count my blessings, and I try to make my blessings count.”

Building her empire with high standards of quality, Sta. Elena has two ways to do this: 1) providing quality service and 2) beating project deadlines.

With this, she earned the trusts of her clients. She stuck with her company’s slogan ‘going beyond structural integrity.’

Alice Eduardo says, “I’ve always wanted to build a city where the standard of living for residents is above average, a city within a city that looks and feels like Singapore, where life isn’t perfect but the quality of life sets a standard in the Philippines.”