ONIC eSports, one of the most prominent names in Southeast Asian esports, has made a captivating addition to their roster ahead of the highly anticipated Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023. The team has successfully secured the services of Filipino player Kairi as their import player for the renowned tournament.

A 17-year old Filipino import of Indonesian ONIC eSports dominates the MOONTON’s prestigious MLBB tournaments, as they challenged Blacklist International for the MSC 2023 throne. Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol is a Filipino player who is currently playing as a Jungler for ONIC Esports.

ONIC secured a 4-2 series win that ended the reign Blacklist, the most historical and dominant team in the previouse years in MOONTON-based international events. It is indeed a great combination of “Kairi” and Coach Paul Denver “Yeb” Miranda, the pair from Philippines has finally ended their international title drought.

While the MSC 2023 tournament is fast approaching, all eyes are on ONIC eSports and Kairi. Fans anticipate witnessing the chemistry and coordination between Kairi and his new teammates as they aim to conquer the competition and secure the championship title. The expectations are high, and the support for the team continues to grow as the tournament draws closer.

As a summary, the addition of Kairi to the ONIC eSports roster as a Filipino import for the MSC 2023 tournament is a significant move for the team. His exceptional skills, strategic mindset, and local experience bring a unique advantage to the team as they gear up to showcase their talents on the regional stage. As the tournament approaches, the Filipino esports community eagerly awaits ONIC eSports’ formidable performance with Kairi leading the charge.

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