Despite a nerve-wracking beginning at the world championships, Carlos Yulo ultimately secures a spot in the Olympics in Paris. (File Photo/AFP)

Carlos Yulo, the 23-year-old Filipino gymnastics sensation, has earned his ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics with an impressive performance in the floor exercise qualifications at the 2023 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Yulo’s journey to securing a coveted spot in the Paris Olympics was nothing short of remarkable. He finished third in the floor exercise qualifications, displaying his incredible skill and dedication, earning a commendable score of 14.600. Notably, he stood out as the sole gymnast in the final who had not previously secured a pathway to Paris through the team or all-around qualifications.

Photo credit to: Carlos Yulo (FB Page)

In the world of gymnastics, the road to the Olympics is a challenging one, with athletes vying for limited spots on their national teams. Unlike the apparatus finals, where only the top gymnast in each discipline secures an Olympic berth, the path to Paris primarily lies in the qualifications of the team event and all-around competitions.

Yulo’s accomplishment becomes even more significant when considering the competition he faced. His fellow floor exercise finalists had already secured their places in Paris through the aforementioned pathways, making his journey to qualification all the more impressive.

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) proudly announced Carlos Yulo’s qualification to the Paris Olympics, cementing his place alongside other elite Filipino athletes, including world No. 2 pole vaulter EJ Obiena.

Yulo’s journey to Paris was not without its share of challenges. The gymnastics world watched with bated breath as he faced a daunting start at the 2023 World Championships. In the all-around competition, he finished 91st with a score of 67.765, a performance marred by an unfortunate incident during the vault, where he landed on his back, resulting in a zero score. Despite this setback, Yulo demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience.

PARIS BECKONS. Gymnast Carlos Yulo is set to accompany EJ Obiena, the World No. 2 pole vaulter, to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

His determination was further evident in the still rings event, where he encountered another stumble during his dismount, resulting in a score of 11.566 and a 132nd-place finish. These obstacles did not deter Yulo, and he continued to pursue his Olympic dream with unwavering resolve.

This upcoming Paris Olympics will mark the second time that Carlos Yulo competes on the grand Olympic stage. He previously showcased his exceptional talent at the Tokyo edition of the Games, where he came tantalizingly close to securing a spot on the podium with a fourth-place finish in the vault event.

Carlos Yulo’s journey to the 2024 Paris Olympics is a testament to his perseverance, dedication, and remarkable gymnastic prowess. As he prepares to represent the Philippines on the global stage once again, the nation eagerly anticipates the opportunity to witness his exceptional skills and determination shine bright on the Olympic stage.