“Smart” is a vibrant and catchy song by the music group LE SSERAFIM. This track, released on February 19, 2024, is a testament to the group’s talent and versatility.

The song’s lyrics are a celebration of intelligence and ambition, with the chorus highlighting the theme: “I’m a smarter, baby, smarter. Smarter, baby, smarter. Wanna be a winner.” These words reflect a desire to excel and succeed, embodying a spirit of determination and resilience.

The song was crafted by a talented team of songwriters, including SCORE (13), Megatone (13), Supreme Boi, Arineh Karimi, BB Elliot, Zzz., ‘Hitman’ Bang, Paige Garabito, Yunjin, Jasmin Lee Maming, Teodor Herrgårdh, Hadar Adora, Charli, and 이은화 (153/Joombas). Their combined efforts resulted in a song that is both lyrically engaging and musically compelling.

“Smart” has gained significant attention and popularity since its release. The official lyrics video is available on YouTube, and the song has been performed on various platforms, showcasing LE SSERAFIM’s impressive vocals and dynamic performance skills.

In conclusion, “Smart” by LE SSERAFIM is a song that combines catchy lyrics with a lively melody, making it a hit among fans and music lovers alike.

Source: Genius Lyrics, Color Coded Lyrics, YouTube

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