A screenshot from SMNI Live Coverage (Willie Revillame)

In a surprising turn of events, popular game show host Willie Revillame has hinted at the possibility of running for senator in the upcoming 2025 elections. The revelation came during a protest rally in Davao City, where Revillame delivered an emotionally charged speech in front of former President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Bong Go, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Revillame began by expressing his gratitude for being invited by a former president of the Philippines, considering it an honor to stand before the distinguished figures. He recounted an encounter two years prior when Senator Bong Go and then-President Duterte personally approached him at Malacañang to discuss the prospect of him running for a Senate seat.

Recalling the pivotal moment, Willie Revillame shared, “Last March, two years ago, I was summoned by Senator Bong Go, by our dear President. At that time, I was running the Wowowin show on GMA. They asked me to run for senator, and I told them I still had a contract and wasn’t ready. I need time to prepare.”

The game show host then delved into the series of conversations he had with the political figures. They emphasized the importance of following one’s heart and assured him that the decision was entirely up to him. Reflecting on the discussions that took place during the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Revillame admitted, “I prayed, lost sleep, and shed tears because for someone like me, a TV host, to be offered by the President of the Philippines to serve the nation is an honor.”

A screenshot from SMNI Live Coverage (Former President Duterte)

President Duterte, recognizing the love and support Revillame enjoys from the people, emphasized the need for him in the Senate. However, Revillame initially declined the offer, stating that he wasn’t ready at that time. He also revealed that Senator Bong Go had called him, but again, he expressed his hesitations, saying, “I’m not ready yet.”

The emotional turning point in his speech came when Revillame addressed the former president directly, “Mr. President, I prayed fervently about this. I said that those who serve the nation should not be called politicians but public servants. When politics gets mixed in, there’s conflict, there’s ego. How wonderful it is for a nation not to fight, to be united, to love each other.”

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Revillame acknowledged the gravity of the decision, recognizing that stepping into politics is a significant leap. “If this is your decision, I believe I am ready,” he declared, signifying a potential shift from entertaining the masses on television to serving the public in a political capacity.

As the charismatic host contemplates this new chapter, the audience is left with anticipation and curiosity about the impact of Willie Revillame’s potential political venture in the 2025 elections. The transformation from Wowowin to the Senate could mark a unique and unexpected trajectory in the entertainment icon’s career, adding a fresh and dynamic element to the political landscape.

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