On June 2, 2023, everyone is invited to the Unkabogable and stunning comeback of the true reigning queen at her kingdom, the Araneta Coliseum, aptly dubbed as “Your Memejesty, Queen VG”

Little ponies mother is back at the big dome!

With her quick-wit, immense talent and irreverent brand of humor, Vice Ganda has been dominating television, concert scenes, movies and social media for over a decade now.

She is constantly evolving and has remained relevant over the years. She is undeniably the brightest, most colorful, talented and successful comedian-host-performer-actress-wife combo to ever cross our paths.

Ganda announced on their noontime show It’s Showtime that her upcoming concert are now sold-out.

“SOLD OUT‼️ Ubos na ang paninda‼️ GANUNYON!!!! Zenks a lot Madlang People!!!! Promise, bulabugan at chugug sa GV ang concert na twoaaah!!! See you on June 2!!!!!!!” Vice Ganda captioned on her Facebook post.

Some of her hit shows are “Pusuan mo si Vice Ganda sa Araneta,” “Vice Ganda Todong Sample na sa Araneta,” and “Vice Gandang Ganda sa Sarili sa Araneta: Eh di Wow.”

In addition, VG clarifies something about the content of her concert that it needs super strong parental guidance and it includes a lot of matured contents.

“Kapag may kasama kayong bata, iwan niyo muna sa mall. Balikan niyo nalang after the concert,” Mrs. Perez joked.