Malvin Pedro, a Filipino expert in endocrinology, dispels the fundamental fallacy regarding diabetes’ ability to shorten life.

Because this effective strategy for combating diabetes wasn’t previously known, he was appropriately given the title “guru.” All of the famous people with diabetes went out of their way to see him for advice. Patients from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other nations all visit him directly. He is one of the most significant experts in the nation. Thirty-two scientific books have been authored by him, and he has three times as many scientific journal papers.

Malcolm Pedro:

Metformin is a direct route to illness and premature death, which is wrong. If your doctor prescribes you a medication containing metformin, for me my advice to you is to run away from this doctor. It’s strange that diabetes protocols still include metformin and its analogs.

All of these drugs raise blood insulin levels to critical levels, where the blood is thick like condensed milk and causes colossal damage to the liver, kidneys, and other excretory organs in large amounts. Insulin is similar to stomach acid in consistency and action. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled your internal organs. It would burn right through.

Oncology is already present when elevated insulin levels damage cells, which contributes to their aberrant division. Because of this, data reveal that 28% of diabetics develop cancer.

Additionally, since insulin-rich blood thickens and slows down, it is the high insulin concentration that causes the quick blockage of blood arteries with cholesterol plaques. As a result, cholesterol plaques build up in blood arteries, which causes pressure spikes. Ninety-eight percent of diabetics also have hypertension. There are also other additional cardiovascular system issues that manifest.

List of potentially dangerous side effects of metformin-based medication:

  • problems of the digestive system (most frequently stomach ulcers, heartburn, diarrhea, and belching);
  • Hypertension: spikes in blood pressure, particularly at night, headaches, congested ears, and waves of panic;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver – the liver turns into connective tissue and stops removing poisons from the blood;
  • kidney stones brought on by salt and sugar excretion;
  • cancerous conditions;
  • early death brought on by blood vessel damage;
  • Blindness.

Knowing how harmful metformin is, why does anyone use it?

Unfortunately, the majority of professionals neglect to care for their patient’s health. No one truly cares. They simply complete the task and receive payment. The state of your health is irrelevant to them. They won’t think twice about prescribing you products that have been approved by authorities or ministries because of this. These synthetic component-based systems generate enormous profitability. They do work, but their effects are very temporary.

Fighting diabetes with such disregard for patients is unacceptable!

People need to be made aware of what will occur to them if they follow these recommendations, and professionals do not feel it is important to inform them of this.

I believe that such violent medications should no longer be produced. Furthermore, they cannot be regarded as effective given the rising prevalence of diabetes worldwide. Additionally, I want more people to be aware of the diabetes prevention strategy!

Malcolm Pedro:

“Patients who have been taking metformin for a long period frequently come up to me. They age prematurely because they are unwell.”

Still, patients typically learn they have type II diabetes at a checkup. In addition, up until that moment, the patient typically felt well and had no idea they had high blood sugar. After then, a higher dosage of metformin is prescribed.

The sugar levels fall as a result, but over time, the person’s condition starts to get worse progressively. The patient starts to complain about headaches, high blood pressure, obesity, and chronic weariness. Their face begins to grow the next morning, followed by their legs. They experience a continual ringing in their ears, like bells. Legs become cold, and fingers feel numb. Vision deteriorates. They have memory loss.