A college degree holds significant importance in today’s society for several reasons. It increased someone’s career stability and satisfaction, and the ability to make an impact in a community.

No matter what school you graduated from, a college degree remains to be a primary preference for most employers. According to a Philippine Institute for Development Studies survey, only a little over 20% of senior high school (SHS) graduates enter the workforce. 

Obtaining a college degree has become increasingly necessary due to the evolving demands of the job market and the complex nature of many professions.

So, is it really necessary to have a college degree?

As we all know, looking for a job in the Philippines is not that easy especially if you’re an undergraduate. 

Nowadays, companies prefer applicants who possess a college degree.

Most of the time, undergraduates are not being entertained by companies even if you have years of experience already. They even hire fresh graduates that are willing to undergo training before the actual work.

A college degree isn’t just about the title, it is about the knowledge that you have learned by studying. Possessing a college degree can also prove those people who doubted your abilities, those people who thought that you can’t reach your goals.

One of the very reasons why most students can’t finish college is poverty. However, some organizations and other government agencies offer scholarships that will support students to finish their dream course.

“Success is the result of hardwork.” – Thomas Edison

Some do it for practicality while some do it by choice. The common denominator that we all have is that we are all dreamers.

If you want to achieve something that you will treasure for the rest of your life, nevertheless, you’ll find a way.