Launched was ChatGPT’s official iOS app from OpenAI. If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can utilize the AI bot whenever you want and wherever you are. Its rapid ascent to the top position in the Productivity category of the App Store is due in large part to the fact that it is free to use.

Given that more individuals are using OpenAI’s bot software, this announcement is crucial. You can use ChatGPT these days for both work and leisure. Using the official app will shield you from the many con artists using dubious chatbot programs. You can also access chats that have been saved on your ChatGPT account.

The ChatGPT app installation process will be covered in this post. I will also go over the supplies you will need to download and use the mobile app. In a later paragraph, I will describe how to make the AI bot into an “Android app.”

How do I operate the iPhone app for ChatGPT?

Before installing and downloading the ChatGPT iPhone app, you require three items. You must first have an iPhone or iPad. To make sure the official app functions, get the most recent firmware update.

Second, if you own an iPhone or iPad, you ought to have one. Get in touch with Apple support if you cannot access yours. Lastly, create an OpenAI account.

You need to join up for OpenAI to utilize ChatGPT. Fortunately, web browsers for iPhone, Android, and PC allow you to create one without charge.

The Ultimate ChatGPT Guide is another recommendation.

The official ChatGPT iOS app was just released by OpenAI, pushing the AI trend in the tech sector. It is not the first business, though, to have made an AI chatbot program available.

For instance, Apple and Android users can download the Bing app from Microsoft. Be aware that while these apps may function in the US, they may not exist in other nations.

In the upcoming weeks, OpenAI is likely to release additional AI advancements. Visit Inquirer Tech to stay current on the newest innovations in artificial intelligence, software, gadgets, and more. Common inquiries with the ChatGPT iPhone app

Does ChatGPT remain free?

However, the free version of ChatGPT still employs the outdated GPT-3.5 large language model. The ChatGPT Plus premium subscription, which grants priority access, is required if you want more features. Furthermore, you can install plugins to make ChatGPT capable of responding to voice commands.

How can I confirm that my app is authentic?

You should only download OpenAI via the Apple App Store because it only made an official iPhone app available. This is the only website or link that should be used to download it. If you own an Android phone, you are unable to access the official program.