Filipino drag artist Taylor Sheesh, renowned for her captivating impersonation of Taylor Swift, had the opportunity of a lifetime: attending the megastar’s Eras Tour in Japan. As a devoted Swiftie, Sheesh flew all the way from the Philippines to Tokyo, donning an outfit inspired by Swift’s iconic 2021 Grammy attire – a symbol of admiration and homage to the singer’s monumental achievements.

John Mac Lane Coronel, professionally known as Taylor Sheesh, has carved a niche for herself in the drag community, particularly for her impeccable portrayal of the American singer-songwriter. Since 2017, Sheesh has dazzled audiences with her uncanny resemblance and captivating performances, even gracing the stage as an opening act for RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants in her home country.

Following the exhilarating concert experience at the Tokyo Dome, Sheesh took to Instagram to express her overflowing joy and gratitude.

“My Swiftie heart is so so so happy! 😭🥹 This is my first time seeing Taylor Swift and watching her concert live.💖” Her heartfelt words echoed the sentiments of countless fans who share in the profound connection fostered by Swift’s music.

Swift launched her “Eras Tour” in the Asia-Pacific region at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on February 7th, with the final show scheduled for February 10th, 2024.