Image credit: Waterwalk Records  (Official FB Page)

In a remarkable and unprecedented collaboration, Filipino rock luminaries Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Basabas-Alejandro, Kitchie Nadal, Acel, Lougee and Hannah Romawac have come together to release their inaugural single, ‘Talinghaga.’ The song, released under the banner of Waterwalk Records, a pioneering music label dedicated to infusing a fresh wave of Christian music into the digital age, serves as a collective exploration of their personal journeys in faith and the profound experiences of connecting with a higher power amidst life’s tempestuous twists.

Heralded by an enrapturing tapestry of sounds, including ethereal melodies, spirited arrangements, and harmonious vocal fusions, ‘Talinghaga’ artfully showcases both the individual and collaborative strengths of these celebrated singer-songwriters. With a harmonious synergy reminiscent of their sold-out concert at the Solaire Theatre the previous year, this stellar ensemble proves that their collective artistry surpasses the sum of its parts, resulting in an extraordinary musical endeavor that transcends boundaries.

Aia de Leon, one of the driving forces behind the creation of ‘Talinghaga,’ eloquently explains that the song encapsulates the boundless magnificence of the Divine Creator. “In our awe of His majesty, we discern His unmatched uniqueness. Amidst our reverence for His grandeur, we uncover His benevolence, realizing that His generosity knows no bounds. Our current existence merely reflects a transient semblance of the greater purpose He has ordained for us in His abode—an ultimate destination free from sorrow and suffering.”

The creative process that led to the birth of ‘Talinghaga’ was nothing short of inspiring. Following the triumph of their Tanaw concert, the six icons embarked on collaborative songwriting discussions during one of their intimate gatherings. “Lougee initiated a melodic seed, and within a single afternoon, we collectively nurtured it into a fully-fledged composition,” Barbie Almalbis shares. The songwriting journey continued through virtual channels, facilitated by the global reach of modern technology, enabling contributions from various corners of the globe.

Image credit: Waterwalk Records  (Official FB Page)

Recorded amidst diverse locales—Barbie’s impromptu Marikina home studio, Aia and Kitchie’s respective dwellings due to geographical and scheduling constraints—the beauty of ‘Talinghaga’ lies not only in its lyrical depth but also in the harmonious synchrony achieved despite physical distances. Such a harmonious convergence is a testament to the power of collective vision and shared artistry.

One of the album’s masterminds, Acel, expresses profound gratitude for the collaborative spirit that permeated the project. The celebrated songwriter praises her peers for ensuring that every voice was heard and every perspective valued. “Each member brought forth their unique ideas, yet the essence of the song’s narrative was distilled from the collective contributions of Lougee, Aia, and Barbie. The heart of the composition revolves around our collective perception of God’s profound presence in our lives.”

‘Talinghaga’ is an ode to spiritual resilience and a testament to the unwavering faith that guides these extraordinary artists through life’s unpredictable journey. This anthemic creation is an offering of hope and inspiration to listeners, reminding them that amidst the chaos and challenges, there exists a higher purpose—one that is beautifully articulated through this resonating musical masterpiece.

Image credit: Waterwalk Records  (Official FB Page)

The production of ‘Talinghaga’ was brought to life through the skilled hands of Jarlo Bâse, a musical virtuoso and singer-songwriter renowned for his collaborations with Barbie, most notably their recent endeavor, “Piraso.” Contributing to the sonic excellence of the track, Emil Dela Rosa masterfully took on the roles of mixing and mastering engineer, along with providing additional bass accompaniments.

The release of ‘Talinghaga’ marks a momentous occasion for both the artists and their devoted fans, as this collective of rock queens embarks on an empowering artistic journey that transcends genres and resonates with the deepest corners of the human experience. Embracing the ethos of Waterwalk Records, this trailblazing ensemble ushers in a new era of Christian music—one that reinvigorates spirituality and introspection for a contemporary generation.

Dive into the divine harmonies of ‘Talinghaga’ as it graces digital music platforms worldwide, a testament to the boundless power of collaboration, faith, and artistic innovation.