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In a resolute call to action, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has urged both government agencies and the private sector to throw their weight behind initiatives benefiting overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). The rallying cry comes as he spearheaded the launch of a groundbreaking mobile app designed to streamline the process of securing overseas employment certificates (OEC).

Dubbed the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) mobile app, this innovative platform introduces the OFW Pass, an ingenious digital alternative to the conventional OEC. With this new application, President Marcos calls upon all stakeholders to unite their resources and expertise to ensure its effective implementation and continued enhancement.

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During the launch event on Friday, July 21, President Marcos emphasized the importance of supporting migrant workers and affording them every opportunity to thrive in their chosen host countries. He called for collective efforts from both public and private entities to pave the way for the success and empowerment of OFWs in their respective fields.

The DMW has outlined the app’s advantages, particularly for the convenience it brings by replacing the paper-based OEC with a hassle-free, transaction-free process. Moreover, the OEC’s P100 fee is waived, providing OFWs with cost-free access to essential documentation.

At the heart of this technological advancement lies the OFW Pass, featuring qryptal secure (QR) code technology. This specialized QR code ensures the document’s tamper-proof nature, making it instantly verifiable when interacting with other government mobile applications. The validity of the OFW Pass is tied to the expiration of the OFW’s working contract, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and relevant.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to progress, President Marcos hailed the app’s launch as a pivotal moment in enhancing OFWs’ access to essential services. He affirmed that this innovation is just a glimpse of the transformative plans the government has in store for migrant workers.

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As the Philippines stands at the precipice of technological marvels and boundless possibilities, the President pledged to harness these advancements for the betterment of public service delivery. Integrating these advantages into the app is crucial to ensuring that OFWs receive the best possible support, even when they are far away from home.

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Emphasizing the government’s dedication to the welfare and protection of OFWs, President Marcos underscored the app’s role in leveraging technology for their benefit. He reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to deploying technology to improve the lives of OFWs and enhance the efficiency of essential government services tailored to their needs.

Simultaneously, the DMW and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) have solidified their partnership through a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to synchronize data management and other relevant processes. This collaboration ensures the seamless operation of the DMW app, further fortifying support for OFWs.

In the spirit of digitalizing public services, President Marcos affirmed that the new app aligns with the government’s broader goal of embracing digital transformation. With this powerful tool at their disposal, the government seeks to meet the needs of OFWs effectively and efficiently.

Looking ahead, the DMW app will continue to evolve, integrating additional features that will further enhance its utility. The ultimate vision is to integrate the app with the e-Gov PH App of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), forging an interconnected ecosystem that optimizes service delivery for the nation’s overseas workers.

In conclusion, President Marcos’s unwavering call for united support from the government and the private sector marks a significant step toward empowering and uplifting the lives of overseas Filipino workers. As the DMW mobile app takes center stage, the nation eagerly anticipates a brighter future for its dedicated and resilient OFWs.