“The night went well,” said Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni, in a statement on the Vatican’s press office Telegram account.

Pope Francis was recovering well in a Rome hospital on Thursday, June 8, the day after the 86-year-old had abdominal surgery that renewed health fears.

This operation is the latest in a series of health scares surrounding Pope Francis.

Last March this same year, there was an allegation that Pope Francis has a cancer. Rome’s Gemelli hospital instantly called it ‘a court gossip’

The Pope was forced to cancel several work commitments in late May after he was debilitated by a fever. He was also hospitalized in March for bronchitis but recovered after taking antibiotics.

When he left hospital on that occasion, Pope Francis joked and said that he’s still alive.

The pope will spend the remainder of the day resting, as advised by his medical staff.

Will then traveled to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital, which has a 10th-floor suite reserved for popes, according to Reuters.

“This wasn’t an urgent surgery,” Dr. Sergio Alfieri, the surgeon who operated on Pope Francis, said at a press conference.

“He continued to feel the pain, so a surgery was decided,” Alfieri added.