Piolo Pascual, one of the most prominent actors in the Philippines is stepping into new and thrilling territory by agreeing to take on his first-ever lead role in a horror flick. The upcoming film titled “Mallari” is about the chilling true story of Father Juan Severino Mallari, who was recognized as the first serial killer in the Philippines. While Pascual was hesitant about initially accepting the role, he ultimately found the project to be fascinating and decided to take the plunge.

“I’ve always had a fascination with horror movies and find myself drawn to them. While I typically get stuck watching romantic comedies, I recently stumbled upon a project that piqued my interest. Mallari, known as the first serial killer in the Philippines, is a character that I believe we should be proud to bring to life on screen. Although portraying three roles will be challenging, emotionally draining, and exhausting, I am eager to take on this role because of the unique and interesting aspects of his character,” shared Pascual during the story conference for the upcoming movie held at the Novotel Manila in Araneta City on June 19th.

Director Derick Cabrido has announced that the script for the upcoming film will be submitted to the prestigious 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival. The director revealed that discussions about the movie began as early as 2017, but it was only this year that the project finally took shape. Excitingly, the full cast of the movie is set to be unveiled soon, with highly-anticipated announcements on the horizon.

The film takes inspiration from the real-life story of Father Mallari, a courageous figure who overcame countless obstacles to achieve his goals. Although Mentorque Productions’ president, John Bryan Diamante, confirmed that the team did not actively seek assistance from the Catholic Church in the making of the movie, they did consult with historians to ensure the authenticity of Father Mallari’s experiences was accurately portrayed. This dedication to historical accuracy promises to deliver a truly compelling and insightful cinematic experience.

“Secondary lang ang mga sources namin because it happened around 1800 so wala talagang records or documents. That’s why hindi na namin na-consider ang part na ‘yun. This is a fictional story based on a true story,” said Diamante.

Cabrido, the director of the horror movie, shared his thoughts on the relevance of this film in today’s context. According to him, amidst the pandemic, people have been gravitating toward horror films as a source of entertainment. He further added that the Filipino audience has a particular affinity for this genre of movies, and it perfectly aligns with the current times.

Diamante added: “I am really challenged by this project. We know how hard it is to convince people now to go back to the cinema. But what we started and the plan that we’re going to do, hopefully maging worth it sa mga Pinoy to spend money. I hope this will also encourage other producers to come up with quality movies that are worth it.”

In addition to discussing his latest project, Piolo Pascual recently opened up about his past aspirations to join the priesthood and become a pastor. Despite having conversations with religious figures about his interest in pursuing these paths, he ultimately chose not to follow through with either attempt. However, Pascual admitted that his fascination with the priesthood remains.

On a more lighthearted note, the actor shared that he has never had any supernatural experiences or felt any eerie sensations related to ghosts or spirits. He also stated that he does not plan on performing any special rituals during the filming of their upcoming movie to ward off any negative energies.

“I just pray. I’m not saying that I welcome it. Dasal lang talaga para walang supernatural na mangyayari,” he added.

With his acceptance of the lead role in Mallari, Pascual embarks on a thrilling and fresh chapter of his acting career. This decision displays his eagerness to tackle unconventional and demanding roles, potentially paving the way for even more exciting opportunities down the line.