In an exclusive announcement, Piolo Pascual has solidified his enduring partnership with the renowned beauty and wellness brand, Beautéderm. The celebrated Kapamilya actor recently convened with the brand’s CEO and President, Rhea Anicoche-Tan, to formalize the renewal of their collaborative agreement, a move that reaffirms his role as the brand’s official endorser.

Piolo Pascual, a prominent figure in the realm of male endorsements, takes great pride in his association with Beautéderm, a brand he affectionately refers to as home. His endorsement extends to Beautéderm’s remarkable oral care products, including the Être Clair Mouth Wash, Koreisu Family Toothpaste, Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste, and Être Clair Refreshing Mouth Spray, which have gained widespread recognition and acclaim.

The Beautéderm Corporation, led by CEO and President Rhea Tan, one of the principal sponsors, joins in celebrating the incredible journey of the remarkable woman Maja Salvador, who is the radiant bride. We take immense pride in your achievements, Queen Maja!

Anicoche-Tan, an influential businesswoman, expressed her gratitude towards Piolo Pascual and his management team. She commended Piolo’s unwavering dedication and the authentic charisma he brings to representing the Beautéderm brand. She remarked, “I am thankful to Piolo Pascual and his management. Piolo is such a nice human being. As the official endorser of Beautéderm, his effectiveness in representing the brand has been undeniable. Piolo always smiles with confidence.”

Speaking further about their enduring collaboration, Anicoche-Tan highlighted Piolo’s exceptional commitment as an endorser. She emphasized that he not only endorses the products but genuinely supports and utilizes them. A testament to his dedication, when Beautéderm inaugurated its largest store at the Clark Cityfront Mall in Angeles City, Piolo graced the occasion with his presence. Anicoche-Tan marveled at his effort and shared, “Grabe ang effort niya. Mahal na mahal ng Beautéderm family si Piolo.”

Beyond their partnership, Piolo Pascual and Beautéderm share a common goal: to raise awareness about the significance of oral health. They encourage consumers to select the right oral care products that can brighten someone’s day with a smile.

Anicoche-Tan underscored the safety and effectiveness of Beautéderm’s oral care offerings, which incorporate all-natural ingredients. Piolo himself attests to the efficacy of these products, particularly the Être Clair Mouth Spray, which has garnered glowing reviews from genuine users. Anicoche-Tan proudly stated, “Piolo loves these products because they are super effective. And we are happy to say that the Être Clair Mouth Spray is getting rave reviews now from real users.”

Image taken from Piolo Pascual’s Official FB Page

Piolo expressed his gratitude to CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan for her unwavering support and for entrusting him with Beautéderm’s advocacy. He lauded her as a true exemplar of a leader, characterized by her ambition, grace, humility, and intelligence. Piolo conveyed his deep admiration for her and his unwavering belief in Beautéderm’s product lineup.

Consumers looking to prioritize their oral health and experience the benefits of these exceptional oral care products can conveniently find them on various platforms, including Shopee, Lazada, TikTok, and Beautéderm stores, resellers, and distributors. By choosing Beautéderm’s Être Clair Mouth Spray, Être Clair Mouth Wash, Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste, and Koreisu Family Toothpaste, individuals can take a significant step towards enhancing their oral hygiene and overall well-being.