Through My Window (A través de mi ventana

Initial release: June 23, 2023

Country: Spain

Director: Marçal Forès


  • Clara Galle as Raquel
  • Julio Peña as Ares Hidalgo
  • Hugo Arbues as Apolo Hidalgo
  • Eric Masip as Artemis Hidalgo


Apolo thanks Raquel for letting them use her Wi-Fi as theirs is broken. She is confused and finds out that Ares has hacked into her computer and cracked the Wi-Fi password. The next day Raquel follows Ares into a secluded wooded area, where she confronts him about hacking into her computer.

In response, he writes the password on her hand and asks her why it is a code that says, ‘Ares, Greek God’. They exchange words which leads to Raquel admitting that she likes him and wants him to fall for her.