Director: Cathy Garcia-Sampana

Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes

Country: Philippines

Genre: Rom-com


  • Kathryn Bernardo
  • Daniel Padilla
  • Richard Gomez
  • Dawn Zulueta

Plot Summary:

Seventeen-year-old Athena Dizon unwittingly plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy Kenji de los Reyes. All of a sudden, she finds herself pretending to be his girlfriend to make an ex jealous; however, she falls in love with him.

On the way to Legazpi, Kelay, Athena’s niece, tells the tale of young Athena and Kenji in the 1990s. Kenji is a feared “gangster” who is brokenhearted over Athena “Abi” Tizon. Wanting to get back together, he mistakenly sends his messages to the pager of another girl, Athena Dizon.

Athena, not knowing who the messages are from, agrees to meet up with the sender. While Athena plays pool at the venue, she is driven off by Kenji, who is then mugged by a rival group of gangsters teasing him for Bee’s absence.