Genre: Legal; Slice of Life; Comedy; Romance 

Duration: 110 minutes

Director: Kip Oebanda


  • Rocco Nacino as Atty. Torran Garcia
  • Carlo Aquino as Atty. Erik Vicencio
  • Enzo Pineda as Atty. Christian Carlson
  • Kean Cipriano as Joshua Zuniga


The misadventures of 3 young men who try their luck in the college of law.

As their friendship, families, relationships and convictions are brought to breaking point, they must keep their heads together as they prepare for the big day.

Bar Boys serves as a reminder to all those engaged in the study of law that one cannot survive law school alone. Success in the study (and even in the practice) requires help from one another.

Accordingly, the same movie teaches us that there is and will always be a reason why things happen.

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