Image source: ECHO (Official Facebook Page)

In a thrilling culmination of collaboration and creativity, Moonton Games, the trailblazing mobile game publisher, joined forces with the formidable M4 world champions, Echo from the Philippines, to unveil a highly anticipated masterpiece—the M4 champion skin for their iconic hero, Chou.

Marking a significant milestone in the gaming realm, this groundbreaking skin is a result of the seamless synergy between Moonton Games and Echo’s adept players and management. The unveiling of this unique skin showcases Chou draped in Echo’s renowned varsity jacket, an emblem of the team’s unwavering camaraderie. Adding a captivating twist, Chou is depicted astride an enchanting orca, paying homage to the team’s symbol.

Radiating gratitude and enthusiasm, Mitch Liwanag, ECHO Country Manager, expressed his heartfelt appreciation, stating, “Our profound gratitude goes out to MOONTON Games for their close collaboration throughout this journey. The creative process was a true delight, and the final product authentically embodies our collective vision as a team. We extend an invitation to our cherished fans and loyal orcas to embrace the M4 Champion skin—a symbol of unity and triumph.”

Image source: ECHO (Official Facebook Page)

ECHO’s indomitable roamer, Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera, renowned for his masterful use of Chou, shared his joyous experience as an integral part of the skin’s design process. “The intricacies of the skin’s design are truly remarkable and innovative. Our vision was brought to life, with even the inclusion of the iconic ECHO jacket that holds a special place in our hearts. The creative journey was an exhilarating one, and we eagerly anticipate the reception of our dedicated fanbase.”

Image source: ECHO (Official Facebook Page)

Breaking new ground in the gaming universe, Chou stands as the pioneering fighter hero to receive a bespoke skin within the esteemed M series. EVOS Legends, basking in the glory of their M1 World Championship triumph, elected to adorn the mage Harith, while the Philippines’ own Bren Esports paid homage to their victory at the M2 World Championship by selecting the assassin Lancelot. Meanwhile, the illustrious Blacklist International solidified their conquest of M3 by opting for the support hero Estes.

Photo taken from Moonton

The unveiling of the coveted M4 Chou champion skin marks a monumental occasion, and avid gamers and enthusiasts alike can rejoice as it becomes available for purchase from August 14 to 20. This limited-time opportunity beckons all to partake in the celebration of gaming excellence, uniting players and fans under the banner of creativity, competition, and camaraderie.