Liza Soberano stars as Taffy in the Universal Pictures Philippines production, ‘Lisa Frankenstein.’

Amidst the dynamic backdrop of Hollywood’s ever-evolving scene, Liza Soberano has embarked on an exhilarating odyssey, leaving an indelible mark in the whimsical and enchanting realm of “Lisa Frankenstein.” The versatile actress, renowned for her outstanding portrayals, recently engaged in an exclusive roundtable conversation at the vibrant Red Apple Studio in Pasig. During this insightful discussion, she provided a glimpse into her venture as the effervescent stepsister, Taffy, unraveling the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanied this thrilling juncture in her professional journey.

The revelation of Liza’s involvement in “Lisa Frankenstein” surfaced mere weeks before the commencement of filming, triggering a unique blend of anticipation and self-reflection. In her candid expression, she admitted, “Entering into this project, I was filled with nervous energy because I genuinely questioned whether I was up to the task of portraying Taffy. I felt a sense of unworthiness, but in every endeavor, I persistently give my utmost effort.”

Eager to deliver an exceptional performance, Liza delved into her character, delving into the script repeatedly to capture each subtle nuance. Embracing a fresh perspective, she allowed herself to unleash creativity and expressiveness, shedding any inclination to control and conform. “I aimed to truly understand the expectations and poured my heart into it,” she revealed.

Director Zelda Williams collaborates with Liza Soberano.

The collaboration with Director Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late Robin Williams, added an extra layer of motivation for Liza. They connected over their distinctive Filipino viewpoints, fostering a relaxed atmosphere on the set. Liza shared, “Our pre-existing friendship made the on-set experience less daunting, as we had already built a camaraderie before filming commenced.”

The reassuring presence of fellow Filipinos on the set added an extra layer of comfort and a sense of belonging for Liza. Recollecting the experience, she expressed, “It was a moment of immense pride and a complete journey come full circle for me. While facing a new challenge, the camaraderie with my fellow Filipinos made it feel like a safe and homely environment. Working alongside the incredibly creative Zelda only enhanced the experience.”

Navigating the Hollywood learning curve, Liza discovered a strong support system among her co-stars, with Cole Sprouse playing a pivotal role. Providing invaluable insights, he guided her through the intricacies of the industry. Liza shared, “I received some valuable pointers from him, gaining insights into how Hollywood operates and navigating the do’s and don’ts. He also introduced me to key people in the industry, offering a wealth of industry tips.”

In an unexpected twist, Liza unveiled a poignant moment with Cole, recounting an emotional episode where he sensed her apprehension and unease regarding her transition into the realm of Hollywood. “During that moment, he tuned into my hesitancy and nerves about shifting my entire career to Hollywood. Without me even asking, he started offering a plethora of advice and tips. It was as if he intuited that I needed to hear it; we ended up having a heartfelt conversation,” she shared.

Liza Soberano and Kathryn Newton

Drawing connections between her own persona and the character Taffy, Liza emphasized her nurturing aura, a quality cultivated by being the eldest sibling to nine brothers and sisters. She expressed, “I often feel like my purpose in this world is to be a sister. Whether it’s to my siblings or my close friends, there’s a deeply nurturing energy within me that surfaces whenever I’m with the people I care about and love the most. “Describing her connection with Taffy, Liza revealed, “I had an instant connection with her. She’s such a fun character to play. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s genuinely nice to everybody, no matter what the situation or circumstance is. And she loves life.”

In the enchanting coming-of-age love story “Liza Frankenstein,” penned by the acclaimed writer Diablo Cody, viewers are introduced to the awkward 17-year-old Lisa Swallos, skillfully portrayed by Kathryn Newton. The narrative unfolds as Lisa navigates the challenges of a new school, a fresh chapter in life, and an unexpected connection with a young man from 1837, brought to life by the talented Cole Sprouse.

Now gracing theaters nationwide, “Lisa Frankenstein” assures audiences of a captivating blend of laughter, gore, and undead romance, boasting a stellar cast that includes Carla Gugino and Henry Ekenberry. Liza Soberano’s ongoing venture into Hollywood continues to mesmerize viewers, demonstrating that amid nerves and self-doubt, there is indeed magic in embracing the unknown.

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