Hangul: 내 여자친구는 구미호

Genre: Fantasy; Rom-com

No. of Episodes: 16

Director: Boo Sung-chul


  • Lee Seung-gi as Cha Tae-Woong
  • Shin Min-A as Mi-Ho


Cha Tae-Woong is a spoiled young man with no interest in staying in college. Instead, Cha Tae-Woong wants to become an action actor. His wealthy grandfather wants him to take his studies seriously.

One spontaneous evening, in a Buddhist temple, a mysterious yet very beautiful girl, a wannabe action star discovers that she’s in fact a gumiho: a legendary fox with nine tails.


“ I just cannot forget their cuteness, sweetness, and good chemistry. Makes me cry every time they hug each other.” — Norman Sayson

“I was 10 years old when this was released. I watched some of the episodes but I did not have a chance to finish this before, but now I finally finished it. I love it so much! This is one of my favorite K-drama.”  — ian

“Pure delight ~ really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really GOOD !!” — SageGrace