Popular Thai actress Jane Rammida has left GMMTV, leaving fans and the entertainment industry in shock. Known for her talent and charisma, Jane’s departure marks a significant change in the Thai entertainment scene.

Jane Rammida, who gained fame through her roles in various GMMTV series, including “The Moonlight Stars” and “Love in Bloom,” has decided to explore new opportunities outside the prominent production company. While the exact reasons for her departure remain undisclosed, it’s clear that she’s ready to embark on a new chapter in her career.

Fans have expressed their support and sadness on social media, praising Jane for her contributions to GMMTV and eagerly anticipating her future projects. Despite the uncertainty surrounding her departure, Jane’s talent and charm are sure to continue shining in the Thai entertainment industry.

As Jane Rammida bids farewell to GMMTV, her fans eagerly await news of her next venture. Her departure, though unexpected, signifies growth and change, reminding us that even beloved stars must follow their own paths to success.