PHILIPPINES — Hindi ka ba nilalamig?

While the summer may just be beginning in America, the summer is just about to end in the Philippines.

Continuous rainy days and cold temperature are embracing Filipinos at the moment. With that, Lola Amour dropped their sparkling song entitled Raining in Manila.

The new track also comes with an animated lyric video that definitely sets the tone for the rainy season.

Ever since its release, it has been the anthem song of many Filipinos as heavy rains are experienced across the country nearly every day.

With its catchy opening line, “It’s been raining in Manila, hindi ka ba nilalamig,” most of the listeners assume that the song represents the people who are longing for a partner to spend the cuddle weather with.

On the other hand, if they’re not going in that direction, some of them assume it’s a song about a one-sided relationship, as portrayed by this particular line in the song: “So, I’ll be waiting in Manila, kahit ‘di ka na babalik.”