The image showcases Ilan Fluss, the Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines, in a photograph posted by the Presidential Communications Office on their official Facebook page.

In a significant move towards advancing innovation and technology, Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines, Ilan Fluss, has extended a hand of cooperation to the Philippines, with the aim of tapping into the nation’s youthful and dynamic innovation ecosystem. Ambassador Fluss’s commitment to this partnership was reiterated during his participation in the launch of the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document (NIASD), a 10-year roadmap unveiled by President Marcos in Manila on September 27.

Photo taken from Presidential Communications Office (FB Page)

In a social media update, Ambassador Fluss expressed Israel’s enthusiastic support for the Philippines’ ambitious initiative, which seeks to foster “Filipinnovation” – a term coined to define the spirit of innovation within the Philippine archipelago. “We in Israel understand the importance of innovation,” Ambassador Fluss noted. “I am proud to be invited and represent Israel, the start-up nation and the global hub of innovation,” he added.

Ambassador Fluss went on to convey Israel’s readiness to collaborate with the Philippines, offering to share the Israeli innovation model and work alongside the nation to harness its untapped potential. “I look forward to creating more partnerships and collaborations and sharing the Israeli model and ecosystem,” Ambassador Fluss affirmed. “The Philippines has a relatively young and dynamic ecosystem of innovation, so the potential is great. Israel will work with the Philippines in maximizing this potential,” he further emphasized.

In line with the collaborative spirit, Ambassador Fluss also proposed facilitating introductions between innovators and entrepreneurs from both Israel and the Philippines, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds. “Together, we can introduce change,” he declared. “Now let us build together bridges of innovation and technology between Israel and the Philippines,” he concluded, underlining the commitment to jointly chart new frontiers in innovation.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. emphasized the pivotal role of innovation in shaping a forward-looking, environmentally responsible, and secure future during the launch of the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document (NIASD) at the Manila Metropolitan Theater on Wednesday.

During the NIASD launch event, President Marcos articulated the government’s unwavering dedication to nurturing innovation and sustainable development. He emphasized that the NIASD was not just a plan but a steadfast commitment to making innovation an integral part of the nation’s development agenda. It was also recognized as a key driver in the vision to transform the Philippines into a smart and innovative nation.

The NIASD, which spans the period from 2023 to 2032, delineates ten priority areas for innovation based on the Philippine Innovation Act:

Learning and Education: The roadmap aims to foster innovation in the education sector, facilitating access to quality learning resources and methods for all Filipinos.

Health: Innovation will play a pivotal role in enhancing healthcare services, making them more accessible and efficient for the citizens.

Food and Agribusiness: Innovations in this sector are geared towards improving agricultural practices, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainable agribusiness.

Finance: The financial sector is poised for technological transformation to create more inclusive and efficient financial services.

Manufacturing and Trade: Innovation is set to drive growth in manufacturing and trade, boosting economic development and global competitiveness.

Transportation and Logistics: Advancements in transportation and logistics will enhance connectivity and streamline the movement of goods and people.

Public Administration: Innovations in public administration aim to make government services more responsive and efficient.

Security and Defense: The roadmap includes initiatives to bolster national security through innovative defense strategies and technologies.

Energy: Energy innovations will contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.

Blue Economy and Water: This sector will see innovations that harness the potential of the Philippines’ coastal and marine resources, promoting sustainable development.

Photo taken from Presidential Communications Office (FB Page)

As the Philippines embarks on this transformative journey towards Filipinnovation, the partnership with Israel promises to be a catalyst for progress. By sharing expertise, fostering collaborations, and facilitating the exchange of ideas, both nations are poised to unlock new realms of innovation and create a brighter future for their people and the global community at large.